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We are leading manufacturer of Swivel Caster Wheel in India. Swivel Caster Wheels are used in wide range of applications, offering mobility and ease of movement of different types of equipment and furniture. This Swivel Caster Wheels are versatile and designed to rotate 360 degrees, allowing for smooth and effortless maneuverability in any direction. Swivel Caster Wheels are essential for improving functionality and convenience, whether they are used for office chairs, medical beds, industrial carts, or even everyday domestic items.

One of the major advantages of Swivel Caster Wheels is their ability to provide multidirectional movement. Swivel casters can rotate in any direction, in contrast to fixed caster wheels, which are limited to forward and backward motion. This flexibility is especially useful in small or cramped areas where dexterity is essential. For example, equipment with swivel casters makes it easier to manoeuvre past obstructions in a congested warehouse or manufacturing floor, increasing both operating efficiency and safety.

Specification of Swivel Caster Wheel

Material Mild Steel
Brand Vijay Castor
Color Silver
Size Range 200X50MM
Optional Bearing Yes
Diameter 200 mm
Applications Industrial carts or trolleys, Textile Industry, Materials handling applications, Chemical Industry, Pharmaceutical industries, Marine Industry