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Cast Iron (CI) Wheels Manufacturer

We are leading manufacturer, supplier & exporter of Cast Iron (CI) Wheels in India. Since Cast Iron Wheels are so strong, long-lasting, and capable of supporting large loads, they are an essential part of many industrial applications. Cast iron, a substance renowned for its exceptional tensile strength and resilience to deterioration, is used to make these sturdy wheels. Cast iron wheels are used in many different contexts, such as heavy-duty carts, industrial machinery, material handling equipment, and antique furniture, demonstrating its adaptability and timeless appeal.

The capacity of Cast Iron Wheels to support very large weights is one of their greatest benefits. The great load-bearing capacity of cast iron, an iron alloy with a high carbon content, makes these wheels perfect for applications requiring the movement or sustaining of large weights. Cast Iron Wheels are widely used to move heavy machinery, raw materials, and completed goods in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and building sites. They can handle the demanding conditions of industrial settings thanks to their remarkable load capacity, all without sacrificing functionality or safety.

Specification of Cast Iron Wheels

Material Cast Iron
Brand Vijay Castor
Color Red & Black
Load Capacity 100-500kg
Purpose Trolley or Cart
Wheel Size (inch) 2X1.5
Applications Industrial carts or trolleys, Textile Industry, Materials handling applications, Chemical Industry, Pharmaceutical industries, Marine Industry