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Castor Wheel Manufacturer in India

Vijay Castor Private Limited is one of the leading manufacturer, supplier & exporter of Castor Wheel in India. We are leading company that offers best quality products and expert team of customer service executives with huge range of variety and affordable prices.

Welcome to the world of effortless mobility and seamless navigation with our premium Caster Wheels! At Vijay Castor Private Limited, we take pride in offering a diverse range of high-quality Caster Wheels in India, designed to enhance the functionality and manoeuvrability of your equipment, furniture, and more. Our product range includes rigid casters for straightforward movement, swivel casters for versatile navigation, and specialty casters tailored to unique applications. Our Castor Wheels are crafted from durable materials, ensuring longevity and reliability. We understand the importance of smooth and silent movement, and our casters are designed to deliver just that.

Caster Wheel Suppliers in India

Caster Wheels are like the unsung heroes of mobility, quietly supporting and facilitating movement in various aspects of our daily lives. These small, often overlooked wheels play a crucial role in enhancing the manoeuvrability of furniture, carts, and a plethora of other objects. What sets Caster Wheels apart is their ability to rotate 360 degrees, allowing for smooth and effortless navigation in any direction. They come in a variety of types, from rigid casters that only move forward and backward to swivel casters that provide multidirectional mobility. Caster Wheels find their application in a diverse range of settings, from industrial warehouses and medical equipment to office chairs and household furniture. Their design and functionality may seem simple, but the impact of Caster Wheels on ease of movement is undeniable, making them an essential component in the world of mobility and convenience.

Characteristics of Caster Wheels

  • Material: Caster wheels are made from a variety of materials, including rubber, polyurethane, nylon, and metal.
  • Load Capacity: Different caster wheels are rated for specific load capacities.
  • Caster Types: Caster wheels come in various types, including swivel casters, rigid casters, and brake casters.
  • Floor Protection: Caster wheels are designed to provide smooth movement without causing damage to floors.

PU Caster Wheel in India

We as the sole PU Caster Wheel Manufacturers in India specialize in manufacturing products using high quality material and latest technology. We make sure that our customers have a choice of options to select from so they can determine which is best for their business or usage by using a selection of materials. The products are designed by our company as the most premium PU Caster Wheel in India are made for quick and hassle free installation. We make sure that our products are the greatest of their kind and are fully aware of the hassles involved in setting them up. We don't force you to endure less downtime in exchange for faster installs that increase productivity for your company.


PU (Polyurethane) Cater Wheels are a popular choice in India. The offered range of PU Caster Wheels are known for their exceptional durability, load bearing capacity and versatility. The polyurethane material offers a perfect balance between hardness and flexibility, providing a smooth and quiet rolling experience. The offered range of PU Caster Wheels are resistant to wear and tear, making them suitable for a wide range of environments, from warehouses and factories to hospitals and offices. PU Caster Wheels are designed to handle heavy loads while maintaining excellent maneuverability. With their reliable performance and low maintenance requirements, PU Caster Wheels have become a go-to choice for those seeking long-lasting and efficient mobility solutions.


Heavy Duty Caster in India

The Heavy Duty Caster Wheel in India that we manufacture are engineered by our industry experts who have experience in what it takes to develop a flawless functional Heavy Duty Caster Wheel this is the main reason for exceptional the load-bearing capacity that our Products have. Hence if you are looking for Heavy Duty Caster Wheel that can carry the load exceptionally well then you can definitely trust our Products to carry heavy loads with ease, reducing the risk of accidents or damage.

Heavy duty Caster Wheels are the unsung heroes of industrial mobility, designed to tackle the toughest challenges with robust resilience. These wheels are built to carry substantial loads, making them indispensable in settings where durability and strength are paramount. Whether it's transporting heavy machinery, equipment, or industrial materials, Heavy-Duty Casters provide the necessary support and stability. From manufacturing floors to construction sites, Heavy-Duty Caster Wheels play a crucial role in enhancing efficiency and maneuverability, proving that when it comes to heavy lifting, the right set of wheels can make all the difference.

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